9 Young Belizean Athletes Awarded Olympic Solidarity Scholarships

9 Young Belizean Athletes Awarded Olympic Solidarity Scholarships

The Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (BOCGA) is proud to announce the recipients of the prestigious Olympic Solidarity Scholarships. Nine exceptional young athletes have been recognized for their dedication, talent, and potential to make significant contributions to Belizean sports on the international stage.

Join us in congratulating these promising athletes who have earned the opportunity to further their athletic pursuits and represent Belize with pride on the global sporting platform. Their hard work and commitment to their respective disciplines have earned them this well-deserved recognition.

The recipients of the Olympic Solidarity Scholarships are as follows:

1. **Shaun Gill – Athletics**
2. **Hillary Gladden – Athletics**
3. **Ashantie Carr – Athletics**
4. **Ashontie Carr – Athletics**
5. **Glenford Williams – Athletics**
6. **Gabrielle Gabourel – Cycling**
7. **Derrick Chavarria – Cycling**
8. **Ishmael Castro – Judo**
9. **Trent Hardwick – Sailing**

These talented athletes represent a diverse range of sports, including athletics, cycling, judo, and sailing. Their selection for the scholarships reflects not only their outstanding performances but also their potential to serve as ambassadors for Belizean sports on the international stage.

The Olympic Solidarity Scholarships provide crucial financial support, allowing these athletes to access high-quality training, coaching, and competitions. With this opportunity, they will be better equipped to pursue excellence in their respective sports and bring pride to their country.

The journey to becoming elite athletes requires dedication, sacrifice, and determination. The support provided through the Olympic Solidarity Scholarships represents a significant step in nurturing the growth of sports in Belize and empowering young athletes to reach their full potential.

Follow the remarkable journeys of these talented athletes as they embark on a path of excellence in their respective sports. Join us in cheering them on as they represent Belize on the international sporting stage with passion, determination, and sportsmanship.

For more updates on Belizean sports and to stay connected with the progress of these young athletes, follow BOCGA on social media.

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